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Establishing Your Offshore Bank Account

Offshore Bank Accounts & YOU!

COA Inc provides stand-alone services to open offshore bank accounts with some of the most reputable offshore banks around the world. We are a team of professionals with offshore banking, offshore auditing and legal experience. We know and understand the offshore jurisdictions well and are able to facilitate bank account opening quickly and seamlessly.

There are common misconceptions regarding offshore bank accounts.  At COA Inc we work hard to provide you with peace of mind.  We have compiled a list of common questions asked by many of our clients and have provided factual responses.

Is it true that all offshore jurisdictions require you to open an account in person?

While this statement is true with a few jurisdictions, it is not the case with most.  Certified documents can be used to verify the identity of the account signatories.

Do these small nations have adequate, stable banking sectors?

Despite the size of some of these jurisdictions, they have competent, stable banking sectors which are on par with larger nations. These governments have invested heavily to ensure that their financial sectors are of a world class standard.

How can I move money in and out of these Offshore Banks?

With an offshore bank account you can do just as much as a bank in your country of residence. Their services include but are not limited to:

  • Offshore Bank Account
  • Corporate Bank Accounts
  • Personal Savings, Checking and CD Accounts
  • Remote Wire Transfers In/ Out
  • Online Banking
  • Offshore Credit* and Debit Cards
  • E-commerce and Merchant Accounts*
  • Trading Platforms*
(* are subject to availability & approval)
How can I monitor my money to make sure it's all there?.

The same as you would with your onshore bank, using Online Banking. Feel free to log onto your account 24 hours 7 days a week - anywhere in the world.

Learn About Our Partners 

Belize Bank International LimitedRegulated & licensed: Yes
Location: Belize, Central America
Restrictions: N/A
Top Products: Depository services, Card services & Merchant Accounts
Comments: A partner in the oldest & most reliable banking group in Belize that boasts a track-record of customer service excellence beyond reproach. Learn why many make this offshore bank their preferred banking partner.                                              
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Choice Bank Limited LogoRegulated & licensed: Yes
Location: Belize, Central America
Restrictions: N/A
Top Products: Depository services and Card services
Comments: An offshore international bank offering financial solutions for companies and associations, as well as high net worth individual clients. This bank commits to the preservation and growth of its clients assets.

Euro Pacific Bank Ltd
Regulated & licensed: Yes
Location: St. Vincent & The Grenadines, The Caribbean
Restrictions: No US Citizens or Residents
Top Products: Gold/Silver Backed Accounts & Global Brokerage
Comments: A boutique offshore bank owned by world renowned investor Peter Schiff. Each client receives a dedicated banker, excellent customer service & access to specialized investments.                                                                                    
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Global Bank of Commerce, Ltd.Regulated & licensed: Yes
Location: Antigua, The Caribbean
Restrictions: N/A
Top Products: Depository services & Private Banking Asset Management
Notes: A premiere offshore bank providing comprehensive wealth management services to high net worth individuals, corporations, statutory corporations and governments. 
                                                                                                         Read More

Loyal Bank LimitedRegulated & licensed: Yes
Location: St. Vincent & the Grenadines, The Caribbean
Restrictions: N/A
Top Products: Depository Services & Investment Funds
Comments: A global brand with international reach in multiple jurisdictions offering multi-faceted financial products to individuals and corporate entities. Benefit from a wealth of experience with this long-standing institution.

More Coming Soon